Welcome on this blog full of information about Newspaper Comic Strips, and offcourse the comics.

The first newspaper comic strips appeared in North America in the late 19th century. The Yellow Kid is usually credited as the first. However, the art form combining words and pictures developed gradually and there are many examples of proto-comic strips.

The Swiss teacher, author and caricature artist Rodolphe Töpffer (Geneva, 1799–1846) is considered the father of the modern comic strips. His illustrated stories such as Histoire de M. Vieux Bois (1827), first published in the USA in 1842 as The Adventures of Obadiah Oldbuck or Histoire de Monsieur Jabot (1831), inspired subsequent generations of German and American comic artists. In 1865, the German painter, author and caricaturist Wilhelm Busch created the strip Max and Moritz, about two trouble-making boys, which had a direct influence on the American comic strip. Max and Moritz was a series of severely moralistic tales in the vein of German children’s stories such as Struwwelpeter (“Shockheaded Peter”); in one, the boys, after perpetrating some mischief, are tossed into a sack of grain, run through a mill and consumed by a flock of geese. Max and Moritz provided an inspiration for German immigrant Rudolph Dirks, who created the Katzenjammer Kids in 1897. Familiar comic-strip iconography such as stars for pain, sawing logs for snoring, speech balloons, and thought balloons originated in Dirks’ strip.

Hugely popular, Katzenjammer Kids occasioned one of the first comic-strip copyright ownership suits in the history of the medium. When Dirks left William Randolph Hearst for the promise of a better salary under Joseph Pulitzer, it was an unusual move, since cartoonists regularly deserted Pulitzer for Hearst. In a highly unusual court decision, Hearst retained the rights to the name “Katzenjammer Kids”, while creator Dirks retained the rights to the characters. Hearst promptly hired Harold Knerr to draw his own version of the strip. Dirks renamed his version Hans and Fritz (later, The Captain and the Kids). Thus, two versions distributed by rival syndicates graced the comics pages for decades. Dirks’ version, eventually distributed by United Feature Syndicate, ran until 1979.

In America, the great popularity of comics sprang from the newspaper war (1887 onwards) between Pulitzer and Hearst. The Little Bears (1893–96) was the first American comic with recurring characters, while the first color comic supplement was published by the Chicago Inter-Ocean sometime in the latter half of 1892, followed by the New York Journal’s first color Sunday comic pages in 1897. On January 31, 1912, Hearst introduced the nation’s first full daily comic page in his New York Evening Journal. The history of this newspaper rivalry and the rapid appearance of comic strips in most major American newspapers is discussed by Ian Gordon. Numerous events in newspaper comic strips have reverberated throughout society at large, though few of these events occurred in recent years, owing mainly to the declining role of the newspaper comic strip as an entertainment form.

You can access the information and comics through the sidebar.

The comics are mostly in packages from around 100mb, inside these rar-packages you will find the comics in cbr format.

You can view the comics with any cbr-reader like CDisplay or ComicRack.

I did not scan the comics myself only collect them from various sites on the internet, internet archive, Usenet Newsgroups and torrents.
So thanks to all the scanners and uploaders.
This blog is purely ment to preserve the comics and to enjoy them, no financial meanings are involved, if you like the comics buy them as long as they are availabe, because nothing can beat the feeling of reading a real comic.

If you find something wrong (downloads, numbering, information) please let me know so that i can correct the error.



Thanks to the following sites for information :

Barnacle Press




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  1. dottedsun says:

    Great job! All of it.
    Thanks a lot.


  2. dottedsun says:

    Actually, I’m a frequent customer 😉
    , and a satisfied one!!!


  3. boutje777 says:

    I just opened a new blog with Underground Comix.

    Underground Comix


  4. boutje777 says:

    UPDATE 07-05-2016

    Bringing up father
    Bungle Family
    Charlie Chaplin (new title)
    Just Kids (new title)
    Mickey Mouse
    Our boarding house
    Out our way
    Polly and her pals
    Salesman Sam
    Twin Earths

    You will find the updates on older titles between the ===


  5. Neil A. Hansen says:

    Hi, this is from the same site where the other person mentioned extra Twin Earths strips. There are lots of Star Wars strips located here: Let me know if this helps the site. More strips are located here:


  6. boutje777 says:

    I just opened a new blog with Dell Four Color Comics.

    You maybe have to get used to the new layout because the theme with which i made the other blogs is no longer in use.

    Dell Four Color Comics


  7. Dale Crain says:

    Wow! What a terrific surprise to find your new blog!
    I was a huge fan of COMICS WORLD, but only found it not long before you got shut down. WELCOME BACK and THANKS for your generosity time and energy spent on sharing all this great/hard to find stuff!
    Keep up the great work!


  8. Paw says:

    To add to your newspaper strips, this compilation of Terror Keep by Jack Monk is available here:-


  9. Tim says:

    I’m wondering if you have any of funky winkerbean newspaper strips


  10. boutje777 says:

    I just opened a new blog about Indrajal Comics.

    Indrajal Comics


  11. boutje777 says:

    UPDATE 25-11-2016

    A few laughs with the comic artists
    A few more lemons a cent apiece
    A picture story with just one word
    A trip to Mars
    Abe Martin
    Adventures of Kitty Cobb
    Ain’t men the wretches
    All in a lifetime
    All in the family
    Alley Oop
    Always take papa’s advice
    American Adventure
    Amos and Pete
    Asthma Simpson the Village Queen

    All new titles with the exception of Alley Oop
    Which you can find at the top of the page between ==========


  12. boutje777 says:

    UPDATE 26-11-2016

    Back Seat Driver (New title)
    Bad dream the made Bill a better boy (New title)
    Barney Baxter (New title)
    Barry Noble (New title)
    Beans Family (New title)
    Beetle Bailey
    Before the flood (New title)
    Believe it or not (New title)
    Ben Webster (New title)
    Better Half (New title)
    Betty Boop (New title)
    Beyond Mars (New title)
    Big George (New title)
    Big Sister
    Billy Bowwow (New title)
    Billy de Beck (New title)
    Billy Possum (New title)
    Bimbo’s Circus (New title)
    Binnacle Jim (New title)
    Bird Boys (New title)
    Boob McNutt (New title)
    Born Loser (New title)
    Brainy Bowers (New title)
    Brick Bradford
    Broncho Bill
    Bruce Gentry (New title)
    Buck Rogers
    Bugs Bunny (New title)
    Bumps (New title)
    Bungle Family
    Bunny Bright (New title)
    Buster Beans (New title)

    You will find the updates on older titles at the top between the ===


  13. boutje777 says:

    UPDATE 27-11-2016

    Captain and the Kids (New title)
    Captain Easy
    Carol Day (New title)
    Chris Crusty (New title)
    Christmas in Toyland (New title)
    City Hall (New title)
    Clare Briggs (New title)
    Colonel Potterby and the Dutchess (New title)
    Colonel Wowser (New title)
    Comic Zoo (New title)
    Conan the Barbarian (New title)
    Craig Kennedy (New title)
    Cynthianna Blythe (New title)

    You will find the updates on older titles at the top between the ===


  14. boutje777 says:

    UPDATE 28-11-2016

    Dad in Kidland (New title)
    Daisybelle (New title)
    Dan Dunn
    Danny Dingle (New title)
    Dawn O’Day in Hollywood (New title)
    Deadshot Bill from Nurseryville (New title)
    Dennis the Menace
    Dick Tracy
    Dick’s Adventures (New title)
    Dinglehoofer and his dog Adolph (New title)
    Dippy Dudes (New title)
    Dixie Dugan
    Donald Duck
    Dondi (New title)
    Doonesbury (New title)
    Draftie (New title)
    Draw it y’self (New title)
    Dream of the Rarebit Fiend (New title)
    Dreamland (New title)
    Dreamy Dave (New title)
    Dreamy Dot (New title)
    Dropouts (New title)
    Dub Dabs (New title)
    Dumb Dora (New title)

    You will find the updates on older titles at the top between the ===


  15. boutje777 says:

    UPDATE 29-11-2016

    Education of Master Tommy Pip (New title)
    Eleanor Schorer (New title)
    Ella Cinders
    Embarrasing Moments (New title)
    Emmy Lou (New title)
    Etta Kett
    Family Circus (New title)
    Fancies of the Fair (New title)
    Felix the Cat
    Ferd’nand (New title)
    Fisher’s (New title)
    Five-Fifteen (New title)
    Flash Gordon
    Flibbertys (New title)
    Flop Family (New title)
    Freckles and his Friends
    Fred Basset (New title)
    Freddie (New title)
    Friday Foster
    Fritzi Ritz
    From Diana’s Diary (New title)
    From Sue to Lou (New title)

    You will find the updates on older titles at the top between the ===


  16. boutje777 says:

    UPDATE 30-11-2016

    Gabe (New title)
    Garth (New title)
    Gasoline Alley
    Gayboy Brothers (New title)
    Girls (New title)
    Good Deed Dotty (New title)
    Grandma (New title)
    Great Dot Mystery (New title)
    Grimes’s Goat (New title)
    Gussie and Gladys at ball game (New title)
    Hagar the Horrible (New title)
    Heart of Juliet Jones
    Hector (New title)
    Henry (New title)
    Herr Spiegleburger (New title)
    Hi and Lois (New title)
    High-Gear Homer (New title)
    High Lights of History (New title)
    Holly of Hollywood (New title)
    House of Mirth (New title)
    How It Began (New title)
    How would you like to be John ? (New title)
    Howdy Doody (New title)
    Hubert (New title)

    You will find the updates on older titles at the top between the ===


  17. boutje777 says:

    UPDATE 01-12-2016

    Illustrating Webster
    Importance of Mr. Peewee
    In the jungle
    Incredible Hulk
    Indoor Sports
    Jed Cooper
    Jungle Jim
    Junior Journal
    Just Kids

    All new titles with the exception of Just Kids
    Which you can find at the top of the page between ==========


  18. Catherine gaspard says:

    I have been trying to download some of the Mandrake comics listed above but I keep getting a message saying the link has been damaged and I cannot open anything. Can you look into this please? Some of those stories, I read as a child and I have been looking around for them for ages. I was so excited to find this site and now it will not work….


    • boutje777 says:

      Hello, can you specify 1 or 2 files you can not open ? So i can look into the problem. I tried some and they all worked fine. It could be a downloadfailure, sometimes that happens and when you download it a second time everything works fine. Or can you download the files but you get errors when you try to read them ?


  19. boutje777 says:

    UPDATE 02-12-2016

    Ken Winston
    Kerry Drake
    Kevin the Bold
    King Aroo
    King of the Royal Mounted
    Kitty Higgins
    Kitti Khaki

    All new titles with the exception of Ken Winston
    Which you can find at the top of the page between ==========


  20. boutje777 says:

    UPDATE 03-12-2016

    Lebanon Daily News
    Life on the radio wave
    Life’s Like That
    Little Abe Corncob
    Little Iodine
    Little irritations of life
    Little Joe
    Little Mary Mixup

    All new titles with the exception of Lance
    Which you can find at the top of the page between ==========


  21. boutje777 says:

    UPDATE 04-12-2016

    Makin’ B’lieve (New title)
    Mark Trail
    Mary Worth
    Menomonee Falls Gazette
    Mickey Mouse
    Ming Foo
    Misadventures of Sammy Small (New title)
    Miss Peach
    Miss Scoopem (New title)
    Modish Mitzi (New title)
    Mortimer and Charlie
    Mr. and Mrs. (New title)
    Mr. Al Most (New title)
    Mr. Dough and Mr. Dubb (New title)
    Mr. Happihome (New title)
    Mr. Jack
    Muddled Menagerie (New title)
    Muggs and Skeeter (New title)
    Muppets (New title)
    Myrtle (New title)

    You will find the updates on older titles at the top between the ===


  22. boutje777 says:

    UPDATE 05-12-2016

    Nicodemus O’Malley and his Whale (New title)
    Nippie (New title)
    Nobody (New title)
    Nobody loves a fat man (New title)
    Now what d’ye think of that (New title)
    Old Man Muffaroo (New title)
    Ophelia (New title)
    Our Antediluvian Ancestors (New title)
    Our Boarding House
    Our Own Solomon (New title)
    Our Our Way
    Outta Luck Club (New title)

    You will find the updates on older titles at the top between the ===


  23. boutje777 says:

    UPDATE 06-12-2016

    Parlor Bedroom and Sink (New title)
    Penny Ante (New title)
    Percy and the Hoobley Family (New title)
    Perry Mason
    Phil Fumble (New title)
    Pinhead Pete (New title)
    Prince Errant (New title)
    Priscilla’s Pop (New title)
    Private Breger Abroad (New title)
    Professor Hypnotiser (New title)
    Pups (New title)
    Quints Christmas (New title)

    You will find the updates on older titles at the top between the ===


  24. boutje777 says:

    UPDATE 07-12-2016

    Radio Patrol (New title)
    Reg’lar Fellers
    Rick O’Shay (New title)
    Right Around Home
    Room and Board
    Rosie’s Beau (New title)
    Roughin’ Reddy (New title)
    Roy Ullyett (New title)
    Rusty Riley

    You will find the updates on older titles at the top between the ===


  25. boutje777 says:

    UPDATE 08-12-2016

    Sad Sack
    Samson the Strong Man
    Secret Agent X-9
    Seein’ Stars
    Silly Symphonies
    Simon Simple
    Slim Jim and the Force
    Smilin’ Jack
    Somebody’s Stenog
    Spareribs and Gravy
    Squirrel Cage
    Star Trek
    Star Wars
    Summer Girl
    Surgeon Stone
    Sweeney and Son

    All new titles with the exceptions
    Secret Agent X-9 and Smilin’ Jack
    which you can find at the top of the pages between the =========


  26. boutje777 says:

    UPDATE 09-12-2016

    Tailspin Tommy
    Taken From Life (New title)
    Tales of the Green Beret (New title)
    Tall Tales (New title)
    Teasers (New title)
    Ted’s object spelling lesson (New title)
    Teenie Weenies
    Tenderfoot Tim (New title)
    Terror Keep (New title)
    Terry and the Pirates
    They’ll do it every time (New title)
    This day in history (New title)
    Those kids next door (New title)
    Tillie the toiler
    Tim Tyler’s Luck
    Tippie (New title)
    Tom Corbett (New title)
    Toonerville Folks (New title)
    Toots and Casper (New title)
    Top o’ the mornin’ (New title)
    True Life Adventures (New title)
    Twin Earths

    You will find the updates on older titles at the top between the ===


  27. boutje777 says:

    UPDATE 10-12-2016

    Uncle Pike (New title)
    Uncle Remus
    Van Swaggers (New title)
    Vignettes of life
    Wags the dog that adopts a man (New title)
    When mother was a girl (New title)
    Willie Cute (New title)
    Willie Fibb (New title)
    Winnie Winkle
    Wizard of ID
    World’s Greatest Superheroes (New title)
    You know me Al (New title)
    Zimmie (New title)

    You will find the updates on older titles at the top between the ===

    That was if for this year, enjoy the strips.


  28. dottedsun says:

    Ummmm…. I’m thinking in renaming you… Santa!!!
    Happy Christmas to you, your famili, your friends… and our comics!!!!


  29. Happy New Year,Boutje!


  30. Wow! I stumbled across your blog while searching for comic strips by my grandfather (Kreigh Collins), checked out the Kevin the Bold’s and then saw how much else you’ve put up!


  31. boutje777 says:

    UPDATE 07-02-2017

    Boots and her Buddies
    Freckles and his Friends
    Just Kids
    Mr. and Mrs.
    Out Our Way
    Polly and her Pals
    Room and Board
    This curious world

    New titles

    Star Weekly
    Timid Soul


  32. Neil A. Hansen says:

    I don’t know how many strips are here, but please check out I think there are other strips also reprinted here if you do hunt around.


  33. Neil A. Hansen says:

    Found one for Peter Scratch:


    • boutje777 says:

      Thanks, i am not sure how to download them. I think it must be done 1 page by 1 page.


      • Neil A. Hansen says:

        Sorry about the page by page download. I downloaded them page by page myself. I wish I didn’t have such an old machine sometimes. Dropbox is actually something I canot use any more which kind of stinks.


  34. Rudy says:

    I cannot thank you enough for your wonderful site here. Been looking for Twin Earth for a long time. I like everything here. Kudos to you my friend.


  35. Oscar Ramon says:

    Hi! I’m from Argentina and I found this AMAZING site that you have. I love this kind of stuff . Thanks a lot for all this strips that are really unavailable for us without sites like this. Great job!


  36. boutje777 says:

    UPDATE 05-10-2017

    Bungle Family
    Jeff Hawke
    Mandrake the Magician
    Menomonee Falls Gazette
    Radio Patrol

    As usual you can find the updates near the top of the pages
    between the ================================


  37. boutje777 says:


    Menomonee Falls Gazette – (the missing 18 issues i believe)
    Spirit – 1 Philadelphia Record


  38. Denny says:



  39. M.R.P.P. says:

    Wish you all a very happy new year 2018 & thanks a lot for the owners of this web site. We are waiting for new arrivals. Thanks.


  40. I nearly wept to see some of my adolescent days being brought back to me whilst downloading comic strips from here !!!


  41. erwinphilipus says:

    millions of thank you boutje777. These are “real” treasures


  42. boutje777 says:

    UPDATE 23-02-2018

    Beetle Bailey
    Big Ben Bolt
    Giles (New Title)
    Hagar the Horrible
    Los Angeles Times (New Title)
    Rip Kirby


  43. mulo kibizer says:

    Here the rest of Giles:


    • boutje777 says:

      Fantastic work, these are great for the next update.
      Sorry for the late reaction, but i had not notice this before because the spamfilter keeps comments with to many links apart.

      Liked by 1 person

  44. M.R.P.P. says:

    Dear friends , this is the best comics site which can enter children also ,please keep this site with out adult comics. thanks


  45. boutje777 says:

    UPDATE 16-03-2018

    Axa – New Title
    Beau Peep – New Title
    Fosdyke Saga – New Title
    Romeo Brown – New Title


  46. paw broon says:

    I was sure you had some Paul Temple strips but I can’t see them. So here are all the strips I have.

    Same with Buck Ryan, so these are all on CB+. If you can’t download them, let me know and I’ll upload them to Mediafire:-

    The Ryan compilations were done by me in conjunction with wiseman and paulSB8787
    I hope they are of use.


    • boutje777 says:

      Great, thanks. Paul Temple was a radio serial for 30 years here in Holland and Belgium, called Paul van Vlaanderen. I Think most people over 50 know that name.
      I will place them in the next update somewhere this month.

      I really thought i had Buck Ryan somewhere, it’s not here and not on the British Comics Blog. I knew i saw them somewhere, and finally i found a few compilations on the Compilationsblog, so i have to see on which blog i place these.
      I can download these, with some patience, but that’s for everybody. Thanks.


      In fact these Buck Ryan’s compilations on the Compilations Blog are yours.
      So i put the new ones with the others.


  47. boutje777 says:

    UPDATE 03-04-2018

    Paul Temple – New Title (Thanks to Paw Broon)

    Liked by 1 person

  48. Lovely insight into the history of comics. Hergé’s ‘Tintin’ happens to my favourite series of books. But when it comes to comic strips; one that I enjoyed the most; as a kid in the 80’s, was Lee Falk’s ‘Mandrake the Magician’. Now that was a class apart.


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