Angel Face is a short lived series of newspaper panels, featuring a little girl who either by accident, or by design tends to say the wrong thing at the wrong time. If she is not doing that, then Angel is up to some sort of mischief. Although at first sight the cartoons appear to be targeted at children, the humor is actually aimed at adults. Angel Face is rather obscure, however it is of interest as the artist is Gene Hazleton.

Hazleton joined Disney in 1939 where his animation work can be seen with the goat kids in Fantasia along with the ‘Pleasure Island’ sequence in Pinocchio. He left Disney in 1941 to join Robert Clampett at Warner Bros. Hazelton then spent many years at MGM. There he worked with Hanna and Barbera on Tom & Jerry, and also on the Tex Avery shorts.   angelface01

When MGM closed its animated studio, Hazleton freelanced and it was at this period that he created Angel Face. The last big move was to Hanna-Barbera, where for many years he was the head artist of the newspaper comic department. Initially Hazleton supervised The Flintstones and Yogi Bear strips, but then took over both the writing and drawing of them. He also helped on the animation side and is credited with creating both Pebbles and Bamm Bamm, for the Flintstones. Gene Hazleton died 6 April 2005, aged 85.

30 strips 1957



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