Casey Ruggles is a Western comic strip written and drawn by Warren Tufts that ran from 1949 to 1954.

The Sunday strip was launched May 22, 1949, and the daily strip on September 19, 1949. Until 1950, the Sunday strip and the daily strip both told the same story.

Tufts’ ghost artists and assistants were Al Plastino, Edmond Good, Alex Toth and Ruben Moreira. Tufts did not write or draw the Sunday strip between August 31, 1953, and January 30, 1954. The last Tufts’ daily was April 3, 1954, and his last Sunday was on September 5, 1954.  casey04

The strip continued for a short while with Al Carreño as artist and writer.

Casey Ruggles was an Old West adventurer in California during the Gold Rush. A former sergeant in the U.S. Army, he encountered such historical figures as Kit Carson, William G. Fargo, Millard Fillmore, Jean Lafitte, and Henry Wells. This story is not yet made into a movie.

20 stories

D03 Black Barney
D04The Hard Times of Pancho an’ Pecos
D05 Aquila!
D06 The Spanish Mine
D07 The Whisperer
D08 The Pomo Uprising
D09 Old Ancient
D10 In Old Angeles
D11 King of the Horsemen
D12 The Prophet Julius
D13 Juan Soto
D14 Jenny
D15 Sidney Town
D16 Death Valley Gold
D17 The Growlersburgh Church
D18 The Babysitter
D19 Smiley Sweet
D20 Miss Hawks
D21 A Real Nice Guy
D22 The Marchioness of Grofnek


13 stories

D23 The Highwayman
D24 Leaves of Strength
D25 The Spanish Pearl Galleon
D26 Santy Claus
D27 The Willits Family
D28 Penelope’s Gold
S01-D01 Trek to California
S02-D02 Emperor of Tillyvally
S03 The Legend of Joaquin Murietta
S04 Silver Belle
S05 The Return of Black Barney
S06 Captain Beauregarde
S07 The Fairy Godmother



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  1. M.R.P.P. says:

    Casey Ruggles have good stories but many stories , pages are jumbled not sorted properly .if some one can attend to sort it as given page nos it will be a great help to comic readers . Thanks lot for uploading. – M.R.P.P.


    • boutje777 says:

      You are welcome.
      That would be great indeed, i don’t have the time to check and sort all individual issues. If someone has that time and will upload them i will be happy to replace these with the sorted.


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