Chris Welkin, Planeteer was distributed by the Newspaper Enterprise Association
from 1952 to 1964. It was created by Art Sansom and Russ Winterbotham. As Sansom recollects:

“I inherited a weekly strip called Peggy and then about 1950, NEA decided cowboys were on their way out and spacemen were the coming thing. So I began to draw the Chris Welkin strip, which was daily and Sunday for a couple of years, and then Sunday only for about eight years after that.”  chris01

The best was yet to come from Art Sansom, when his The Born Loser debuted on May 10, 1965. The strip and its main character Brutus P. Thornapple became so popular that it was soon syndicated to over 1,000 newspapers. So, despite all his planet hopping technology Chris Welkin eventually lost out to a loser.

49 strips 1951
314 strips 1952
313 strips 1953
98 strips 1954



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