Dixie Dugan is best known as a long-running syndicated newspaper comic strip published from 1929 to 1966. The title character was originally modeled after 1920s film actress Louise Brooks and early stories followed Dixie’s exploits as a Hollywood showgirl.

Beginning in October 1929, writer McEvoy and Striebel teamed to produce a daily newspaper comic strip, syndicated by the McNaught Syndicate. The name of the strip was originally Show Girl but soon changed to Dixie Dugan. As time went by, the strip dropped the show business aspect, and Dixie became a career girl pursuing a more wholesome variety of jobs. The stories varied from romance and comedy to crime and suspense.  dixie02

Other characters featured in the strip included Dixie’s elderly parents Ma and Pa Dugan, her niece Imogene and Dixie’s best friend Mickie. The strip added a popular feature also used by Bill Woggon in his Katy Keene comic books: fashion designs for Dixie were submitted by fans and credited to them in the strip. In addition, when Dixie opened a small cafe, recipes were requested. When the action occurred on the town’s streets, there was always in the background a bass player carrying his instrument on his back.

Like many other popular newspaper comic strips, the daily strips were collected and reprinted in various early comic books beginning in the 1930s.


UPDATE 28-11-2016

195 pages/strips Dixie Dugan 1930
082 pages/strips Dixie Dugan 1931
094 pages/strips Dixie Dugan 1932


377 pages/strips Dixie Dugan 1933


389 pages/strips Dixie Dugan 1934


379 pages/strips Dixie Dugan 1935
069 pages/strips Dixie Dugan 1937
156 pages/strips Dixie Dugan 1940
041 pages/strips Dixie Dugan 1946



39 strips 1938
33 strips 1939
21 strips 1943
9 strips various



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