Donald Duck, a cartoon character created by the Walt Disney Company, is today the star of dozens of comic-book and comic-strip stories published each month (in certain parts of the world, each week) around the world.

The earliest print mention of Donald Duck is likely in 1931, in the book, The Adventures of Mickey Mouse, published by David McKay Company, Philadelphia. On the first text page, none of which are numbered, the third paragraph begins, “Mickey has many friends in the old barn and the barnyard, besides Minnie Mouse. They are Henry Horse and Carolyn Cow and Patricia Pig and Donald Duck,….”  donald04

Donald may well have made another early printed appearance in Mickey Mouse Annual 3 (published 1932; the annual for 1933), a 128-page British hardback. This book included the poem Mickey’s Hoozoo, Witswitch and Wotswot, which listed all of Mickey’s then-current barnyard animal friends (most of Disney’s major characters developed out of this barnyard scenario).[citation needed] Among them was a duckling named Donald Duck. Besides the name, however, there is little similarity between this character and the one introduced in The Wise Little Hen during 1934. Mickey Mouse Annual 3 was drawn entirely by Wilfred Haughton.

The Donald of The Wise Little Hen made his printed debut in the newspaper comic strip adaptation of that cartoon. It was released between September 16 and December 16, 1934, in the Silly Symphonies Sunday pages by Ted Osborne and Al Taliaferro. On February 10, 1935, Donald appeared in the Mickey Mouse daily strip by Ted Osborne and Floyd Gottfredson.


UPDATE 28-11-2016

51 pages/strips Donald Duck 1937
39 pages/strips Donald Duck 1942
43 pages/strips Donald Duck 1943


52 pages/strips Donald Duck 1944
11 pages/strips Donald Duck 1961
42 pages/strips Donald Duck 1964


48 pages/strips Donald Duck 1965
51 pages/strips Donald Duck 1966


47 pages/strips Donald Duck 1967
52 pages/strips Donald Duck 1968


50 pages/strips Donald Duck 1969
51 pages/strips Donald Duck 1970


50 pages/strips Donald Duck 1971



44 strips Dailies 1938
101 strips Dailies 1939
304 strips Dailies 1940
68 strips Dailies 1941



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