Hallroom Boys is a strip centered around the schemes of Percy and Ferd Hallroom, ne’er-do-swells with fancy airs but no visible means of support. They’re ardent in their pursuit of the appropriately named Miss Millionbucks, in a way that would make them villains in other, more morally upright, strips.

The symbolism of Miss Millionbucks’ name is painfully apparent, but the boys’ name refers to their position as young men who would sit in the hallroom at the foot of the stairs, waiting for an audience with a young lady. They have good manners but bad prospects, and presumably bad chances at winning the hand of a bride of means. But anything is possible, and our boys are nothing if not persistent, and likely nothing else but persistent! The meaning of the sisters Spondoolix’s name remains a mystery to me.

Harold A. MacGill created the Hallroom Boys in 1906, and it ran until 1923, changing the name along the way to Percy and Ferdy. The characters had some kind of broad appeal, as there was at least one film short made with the characters.

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