Andre LeBlanc was born in Haiti, but moved to the USA in the 1920s after his father was killed in Cuba. He worked on many comic books and comic strips including his own creations, ‘Intellectual Amos’ and ‘Morena Flor’. He assisted Will Eisner on ‘The Spirit’ and Sy Barry on ‘The Phantom’. Le Blanc was also one of the main artists of the Brazilian Classics Illustrated collection (Edicao Maravilhosa). He received bylines for his work on ‘Flash Gordon’, ‘Apartment 3-G’, and ‘Rex Morgan MD’ newspaper strips. He taught at The School of Visual Arts in New York City. Andre LeBlanc received the prestigious “Southern Cross” Award (the highest honor that can be bestowed upon a Brazilian citizen) for his illustrations for classical literature. He achieved international fame for illustrating ‘The Picture Bible’.




12 stories from different newspapers

Chicago Sun 1944-05-28
Chicago Sun 1944-08-13
Chicago Sun 1945-01-21
Chicago Sun 1945-01-28
Chicago Sun 1945-04-01
Philadelphia Record 1944-07-09
Philadelphia Record 1944-09-24
Philadelphia Record 1944-10-08
Philadelphia Record 1945-01-07
Philadelphia Record 1945-02-25
Philadelphia Record 1945-04-15
Starledger 1944-06-11



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