George Herriman The Only Major Ozone’s Fresh Air Crusade Comic Strip Original Art Known to Exist (c. 1904). Nearly a decade before the Sunday Krazy Kat began, this zany episode by the same artist, George Herriman, featured the same brick to the noggin motif that was such a staple to Krazy Kat. As comics historian Don Markstein writes on his Toonopedia site,” Major Ozone’s crusade is remembered for two reasons. One, he was colorful and eccentric — more colorful and eccentric than anything Herriman had done before, say some critics. Two, is the simple fact that he was created by George Herriman. The elderly Major was a lover of all things natural and healthy — especially fresh air — almost to the point of pathology. His quest for the very freshest air that could possibly be breathed led him to travel to exotic climes, ascend to the stratosphere in hot-air balloons, scale tall mountains, and go to other extreme lengths — though sometimes a simple walk in the country would send him into raptures. And he was
relentlessly cheerful about it, even when it led to disastrous consequences (which it usually did).”

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