Eugene Leslie Ahern (1895 – March 6, 1960) was a cartoonist best known for his bombastic Major Hoople, a pompous character who appeared in the long-run syndicated gag panel Our Boarding House. Many of Ahern’s comic strips took a surreal or screwball approach, notably The Squirrel Cage with its nonsensical catchphrase “Nov shmoz ka pop.”


In 1921 he introduced the Nut Brothers, Ches and Wal, in Crazy Quilt. That same year, NEA General Manager Frank Rostock suggested to Ahern that he use a boarding house for a setting. Our Boarding House began September 16, 1921, scoring a huge success with readers after the January 1922 arrival of the fustian Major Hoople. The Nut Bros: Ches and Wal ran as a topper strip above Our Boarding House.

11 strips 1934
38 strips 1940
51 strips 1941
27 strips 1950
13 strips 1952
17 strips 1953
51 strips various



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