Alan Knight was an everyday man until he visited Dr.Van Lear’s secret
laboratory “secluded deep in a wood”, and underwent the “Plus Power” process the
scientist had developed, designed to make “a man who through chemical process
will become all-powerful in body and mind.” Requiring regular power ups to
maintain his abilities, the heroic Knight was encouraged by Van Lear to fight
the forces of evil, adopting a costumed persona to do so. A few years later,
with the war in full swing, the Red Knight was forced down in enemy territory
near Fujiyama while on a mission, and unable to revitalise his powers, spent his
remaining adventures as a normal, but still heroic, secret agent.

Created by John J. Welch and Jack W. McGuire. He has the distinction
of being the very first superhero created for a newspaper strip. His strip ran
until September 1943.

Not to be confused with

The Red Knight, a Blue Beetle foe

Rode Ridder, a.k.a. The Red Knight, Flemish Knight

78 strips 1940



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