Syd Miller (1901-1983) was an Australian comic book writer, artist and illustrator, best known for his cartoon creation, Chesty Bond, for the Australian clothing company Bonds.

During the 1930s Miller continued to created newspaper comic strips, such as Curiosities, in Melbourne’s The Herald and Nature Notes and Weird and Wonderful in Sydney’s The Daily Telegraph. In 1938 he collaborated with Ted Maloney of the J. Walter Thompson agency to create Chesty Bond, designed with the idea of promoting the Bonds clothing company’s singlets. Miller handled the advertising strip until he joined the Herald and Weekly Times in 1945 and the strip passed to another artist, Francis ‘Will’ Mahony.

From 1942 to 1945 Miller published numerous comic books, with his single column spot, Animalaughs, which started in 1948 appearing throughout Australia, as well as being syndicated in England, Scotland and South Africa. Between 1945 and 1956 he worked for the The Herald, where he created the strip, Rod Craig, in 1946 which ran until 1995 (a record for a continuity strip in Australia at that time). In 1955 he created a new daily strip, Us Girls, which appeared in The Herald on 3 December 1955, and ran until he resigned from his job in 1957 to enter into a partnership at Ajax Films, in the production of television animation and sound-slide films. In the mid-1950s he created a second advertising comic, A Little Bear Will Fix It, promoting the sale of adhesive tape for Behr-Manning. Miller retired in the mid-1960s.

53 strips various



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