Sappo is a comic strip begun in 1920 as The Five Fifteen by E. C. Segar, renamed after protagonist John Sappo as early as 1923. The strip was made into the “topper”, or complementary strip, to Segar’s better known Thimble Theatre (later Popeye).

Sappo revolved around titular protagonist John Sappo and his everyday misadventures, such as the struggle to catch the 5:15 train or confronting his imposing wife Myrtle. However, the focus of the strip soon changed when, in May 8, 1932, the Sappos rented out a room to eccentric inventor and self-described genius O. G. Wotasnozzle, who arguably became the strip’s new star. However, John Sappo still retained much protagonism as the testing of the Professor’s inventions usually involved his participation and invariably ended in disaster. Stories of experiments gone awry would be continued from Sunday to Sunday (aside from a period when Segar retooled the strip as a series of drawing lessons). At one point, Wotasnozzle himself also got married, but the two protagonists’ wives eventually stopped appearing altogether.

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