Sherlocko The Monk is a comic strip drawn by Gus Mager from 9 december 1910 to 24 february 1913 in Hearst newspapers. 270+ episodes.

There was some strip inspired by the Conan Doyle stories like The Sign of the Mysterious Four (3 january 1911), The Case of the Astonished Assassin (1 december 1911).

“Monk” is an abbreviation for “monkey”. The first strip created by Gus Mager (Knocko the Monk) was published in the Hearst newspapers featuring some monkey characters clothed with human settings. In his next creations (Rhymo the Monk, Coldfeeto the Monk, Tightwaddo the Monk, Henpecko the Monk, Braggo the Monk, Hamfatto the Monk, etc) he kept the “Monk” in the title to keep a link with the original strip, but the characters were humans with a simian resemblance and not related to Conan Doyle’s works. He stopped these strips when after Sherlocko the Monk was launched.


After the 6 february 1912 strip, the format of the Sherlocko strips changed to a larger rectangular shape.

Between 6 and 22 february, Gus Mager left Hearst and worked for the Sunday’s issues of the New York World with Sherlocko & Watso renamed Hawkshaw the Detective and the Colonel, until 1922 and again from 1931 to 1952. The first Hawkshaw strip debuted on 23 february 1913.

On 20 january 1912, Imp Films Co. released a silent movie: The Flag of Distress where Sherlocko made his first appearance on screen.

9 strips various


7 strips various



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