Uncle Remus is a fictional character, the title character and fictional narrator of a collection of African-American folktales adapted and compiled by Joel Chandler Harris, published in book form in 1881. A journalist in post-Reconstruction Atlanta, Georgia, Harris produced seven Uncle Remus books.

Br’er Rabbit (“Brother Rabbit”) is the main character of the stories, a likable character, prone to tricks and trouble-making who is often opposed by Br’er Fox and Br’er Bear. In one tale, Br’er Fox constructs a lump of tar and puts clothing on it. When Br’er Rabbit comes along he addresses the “tar baby” amiably, but receives no response. Br’er Rabbit becomes offended by what he perceives as Tar Baby’s lack of manners, punches it, and becomes stuck.


UPDATE 10-12-2016

32 pages/strips Uncle Remus 1947
13 pages/strips Uncle Remus 1948
14 pages/strips Uncle Remus 1952
53 pages/strips Uncle Remus 1964
52 pages/strips Uncle Remus 1965
33 pages/strips Uncle Remus 1966
31 pages/strips Uncle Remus Various



9 strips 1906



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  1. Becky says:

    Thanks for the Disney uncle remus comics. Is there anyway I can get hold of more? Please let me know


    • boutje777 says:

      You are welcome, the only way to find more is searching searching and searching, i am still busy searching at least 30 minutes every day for strips and comics that i don’t have yet, whenever i find some i place them on my blogs. So who knows i will find some more Uncle Remus one day.


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