Charlie Chaplin’s Comic Capers was a Chicago Herald newspaper strip which began on March 12, 1916 and ran for just over a year. Its creator was none other than E. C. Segar, later to achieve fame by creating Thimble Theatre, which went on to introduce Popeye the Sailor to the world. Charlie Chaplin was Segar’s first comic strip.

Two and a half years before the comic strip appeared, Chaplin had signed his first film contract. No longer a vaudeille and stage performer, he began churning out comic shorts for the Mack Sennett studios. With the second short filmed, Mabel’s Strange Predicament, Chaplin introduced his “Tramp” persona. By 1915, the young actor, writer, and director was a major star and “Chaplinitis” had taken hold of the American public. Chaplin moved from studio to studio and as this comic strip appeared with the Mutual Film Company for $670,000 a year.

Comic Capers Series 1 315-1917



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