Harold Knerr’s companion strip to The Katzenjammer Kids concerning a bald, roly-poly German fellow named Dinglehoofer. He was also a dog lover, and his entire world seemed to orbit around his two mutts.

Herr Dinglehoofer and Adolph would have small-time adventures, usually because the dog got into some kind of reckless but adorable dog mischief. Adolph would sniff out some treat in the kitchen or elsewhere, innocently causing unintended destruction, often involving another small animal he had made a friend or foe out of. All of which led to some embarrassing moments for his master.

More complex continuity stories developed, such as Knerr trying to get Dinglehoofer a girl friend. She was a tall beauty named Polly, who unfortunately treated him like dirt, never appreciating his generosity or efforts to please her. Unfortunately, Adolph often inadvertently sabotaged his master’s endeavors. In the end, Dingy would choose his loyal mutt over the icy blonde.

16 pages/strips Dinglehoofer and his dog Adolph 1926
34 pages/strips Dinglehoofer and his dog Adolph Various



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