Doonesbury is a comic strip by American cartoonist Garry Trudeau that chronicles the adventures and lives of an array of characters of various ages, professions, and backgrounds, from the President of the United States to the title character, Michael Doonesbury, who has progressed from a college student to a youthful senior citizen over the decades.

Created in “the throes of ’60s and ’70s counterculture,” and frequently political in nature, Doonesbury features characters representing a range of affiliations, but the cartoon is noted for a liberal viewpoint. The name “Doonesbury” is a combination of the word doone (prep school slang for someone who is clueless, inattentive, or careless) and the surname of Charles Pillsbury, Trudeau’s roommate at Yale University.

Doonesbury is written and pencilled by Garry Trudeau, then inked and lettered by an assistant: Don Carlton then Todd Pound. Sunday pages/strips are coloured in by George Corsillo. A daily strip through most of its existence, since February 2014, Doonesbury has run repeat pages/strips Monday through Saturday, and new pages/strips on Sunday.

058 pages/strips Doonesbury 1970
343 pages/strips Doonesbury 1971
364 pages/strips Doonesbury 1972
365 pages/strips Doonesbury 1973


365 pages/strips Doonesbury 1974
365 pages/strips Doonesbury 1975
366 pages/strips Doonesbury 1976
137 pages/strips Doonesbury 1977



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