By George Swanson.

He began THE FLOP FAMILY in the summer of 1943, with William Randolph Hearst supposedly choosing the name. The new setting would be a change of pace from his frantic, pun-choked slapstick style. The Flop household consisted of a bald, grouchy, cigar-chomping man who apparently is the boss/office tyrant of a small company, though he’s supposedly a lawyer and his nagging housewife, Helen, who endlessly schemes to buy new clothes and lighten her husband’s wallet.

In addition, there is Willie, a conniving little boy with no respect for adults; Otto, the shiftless older son; Greta, the bubble-headed, boy-crazy daughter; and Eunice, the hired help who is not much help.

They have neighbors, the Gabby family, as well as frequent visitors, including long-bearded Uncle Hugo, Mr. Tuttle who is Flop’s most important client, and Flop’s mother-in-law.

On Sunday, the strip was still offered only in odd sizes for many years, usually in half-tabloid. Many who are old enough to remember The New York Mirror will recall its appearance there. The Sunday strip ended in 1966.

14 pages/strips Flop Family 1957-1958



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