Fred Basset is a comic strip about a male basset hound. The cartoon was created by Scottish cartoonist Alex Graham and published first in the Daily Mail on 8 July 1963. It has since been syndicated around the world.

Fred Basset has been published in the United Kingdom newspaper Daily Mail and more recently The Mail On Sunday from 1963 to the present. Alex Graham, the creator and cartoonist based Fred on his own dog Frieda and drew over 9000 comic pages/strips. Alex Graham died on 3 December 1991. Fred’s cartoon pages/strips are renamed as Wurzel in Germany, Lillo il Cane Saggio (Lillo the wise dog) in Italy, Lorang in Norway, Laban in Sweden and Retu, Pitko or Koiraskoira in Finland.

Fred’s owners are a middle-aged husband and wife, who are not given names in the strip. The husband is a professional worker in the City of London; he enjoys socialising at his local pubs, The Swan and The Chequers, and The Rose and Crown. He is shown often as being temperamental and spends much free time reading the newspaper, walking Fred and playing golf. The wife manages the house and the family, and has a busy life socialising with friends. She is shown several times as being a bad driver with many accidents with the family car. Known relations to the family are “her rich eccentric” Uncle Albert, and her sisters, one in UK and one overseas. A new relation introduced during the mid-1990s was mentioned as “her Aunt Flo.” There are not any children in Fred’s immediate family, although Amanda and the Tucker Twins appear regularly.

The names and areas pictured are made from places and people Alex Graham knew, areas are said to resemble Scotland. Family friends’ names would be used, as was Tinker’s Wood, taken from a house Graham lived in.

51 pages/strips Fred Basset 1982



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  1. Allan K. Wake says:

    the strip of Dec. 18 showed giving a Choc-Drop to Fred. I had to look Choc-Drop up to see if it was for dogs. Many people, especially children, might not know about Choc-Drop and give their dog real chocolate which can be harmful to the dog. Please write it in somehow about not giving your dog real chocolate.


    • boutje777 says:

      Thanks for the comment.
      You mentioned it now, people will read it. I can not make comments on every comic that has something in it that might be mistaken by someone.


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