Garth was a comic strip in the British newspaper Daily Mirror from July 24, 1943, to March 22, 1997. The strip belonged to the action-adventure genre and recounted the exploits of the title character, an immensely strong hero who battled various villains throughout the world and many different chronological eras. Garth was widely syndicated throughout English-speaking countries during its long run. The 1960s Australian fast bowler Garth McKenzie was nicknamed after the comic strip hero.



Steve Dowling and Gordon Boshell were the originators of the Garth character. Dowling wanted to create a British adventure comic strip, and took inspiration from the American comic pages/strips Superman, Flash Gordon and Terry and the Pirates. Dowling and Boshell took on 15-year-old John Allard to work on Garth, who stayed with the strip for its entire lifetime. After 59 adventures Dowling retired and handed Garth over to Allard, which he carried on until 1971 when Eagle comics’ Dan Dare artist, Frank Bellamy, took over the art with Allard writing the scripts. Garth’s longevity had been established by Don Freeman, who created almost every basic Garth plot on which the saga was built. Peter O’Donnell, Jim Edgar and Angus Allan also wrote extensively for the strip during its decades-long existence. Philip Harbottle is a leading Garth expert and collector of the pages/strips, and he wrote several of the stories during the 1990s. Martin Asbury became Garth’s artist after Frank Bellamy’s death in 1976, drawing the strip and
writing many of the stories until its final episode in 1997.


UPDATE 05-10-2017

Garth Book Daily Mirror 1975


Garth Book One


Garth Book Two



30 pages/strips Garth 039 – Warrior World – Daily Mirror 1961.cbz
47 pages/strips Garth 052 – Night of the Knives
42 pages/strips Garth 063 – Exiles
44 pages/strips Garth 064 – Hell-Ship
88 pages/strips Garth 068 – Sundance


92 pages/strips Garth 069 – The Cloud of Balthus
99 pages/strips Garth 070 – The Orb of Trimandias
90 pages/strips Garth 071 – Wolf Man of Ausensee
94 pages/strips Garth 072 – People of the Abyss
91 pages/strips Garth 073 – The Women of Galba



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