Grandma was a comic strip by Charles Kuhn that began April 14, 1947. It was originally distributed by Duke Richardson’s Indianapolis-based syndicate, Richardson Feature Service.

A year later, Grandma was picked up by King Features Syndicate which distributed it from June 28, 1948 until 1969. He usually signed the strip “Chas. Kuhn”.

The strip depicted humorous events in the life of a friendly, fun-loving woman known to her friends and neighbors only as Grandma.

The Sunday page began November 20, 1949. Kuhn used it to introduce an innovative, interactive device; a single panel in the middle tier was displayed minus colors, so that young readers could use crayons to complete the coloring. It was captioned “Color this one, kids!” or “Here’s one to color, kids!”

By 1952, the strip ran internationally in 240 newspapers. Kuhn sometimes used Grandma to publicize Goodwill Industries in Indianapolis. He was so totally absorbed by and devoted to his strip that when he was asked about hobbies, he answered, “Grandma and creating toys for the kids.” Toys belonging to the neighborhood kids were also a key topic in many Grandma pages/strips; she sometimes reverted to a second childhood and played with the toys herself. Kuhn’s other main interest was fishing.

41 pages/strips Grandma Various



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