Little Joe was a Western comic strip, created in the early 1930s by Ed Leffingwell and later continued by his brother, Robert Leffingwell. Distributed by the Chicago Tribune Syndicate, this Sunday strip had a long run spanning four decades. It was never a daily strip.

Ed Leffingwell’s cousin was Harold Gray, and he began in comics as Gray’s assistant on Little Orphan Annie, which explains why the artwork on Little Joe curiously resembled Little Orphan Annie. Little Joe began October 1, 1933, but Ed Leffingwell worked on the strip for only three years. When he died in 1936, Bob Leffingwell (also a Gray assistant) stepped in, continuing the strip until its conclusion in 1972. The resemblance to Little Orphan Annie began to fade away during the 1950s.

18 pages/strips Little Joe 1934
24 pages/strips Little Joe 1935
17 pages/strips Little Joe 1936
11 pages/strips Little Joe 1937
32 pages/strips Little Joe 1938
17 pages/strips Little Joe 1942
20 pages/strips Little Joe 1947
24 pages/strips Little Joe Various



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