Harry Hanan (14 December 1916 – 19 January 1982) was a British cartoonist, best known as the creator of the pantomime comic strip Louie which he began in 1947. Louie was a small chap, a loser who was constantly annoyed by life’s little vicissitudes and minor moments. Hanan described his mild-mannered character as “the anti-Superman”.

Louie was included in the Renaissance Society’s “Comic Strip as Art” exhibit at the University of Chicago 22 January to 22 February 1968.

Hanan’s paintings were exhibited at the Walker Art Gallery and the Metropolitan Museum of Art and were in the permanent collection at the William Allen White Foundation. Hanan was also a judge at juried art exhibitions.

The popularity of Louie was indicated by its inclusion in the Newspaper Comic Strip Stars Drawing Tablet, published in 1959 by Hytone, a division of the Western Tablet & Stationery Corporation in Dayton, Ohio.

44 pages/strips Louie Various



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