Rick O’Shay is a Western comic strip created by Stan Lynde in 1958. It was distributed worldwide through the Chicago Tribune Syndicate until publication ended on March 8, 1981.

The strip is set in the Western town of Conniption where Rick O’Shay is the deputy sheriff, since the town is too small to have a full sheriff. His best friend is gunslinger Hipshot Percussion. Other key characters include gambler Deuces Wylde, dance hall owner Gaye Abandon, physician Dr. Basil Metabolism (and his nurse, Ophelia Pulse), gunsmith and Civil War veteran Cap’n Ball, banker Mort Gage and a boy named Quyat Burp. The neighboring Indian tribe includes Chief Horse’s Neck, his ugly but sweet daughter Moonglow and her persistent suitor Crazy Quilt.

Rick O’Shay started as a Sunday strip on April 27, 1958, and the daily comic strip began on May 19 of the same year. Lynde created the strip and worked on it until 1977, when he left the syndicate. As the syndicate owned the rights to the strip, Rick O’Shay was continued by others: Marian Dern (writer), Alfredo Alcala and Mel Keefer (artists). The strip was discontinued in 1981.

22 pages/strips Rick O’Shay 1964
83 pages/strips Rick O’Shay 1965
54 pages/strips Rick O’Shay 1966
72 pages/strips Rick O’Shay 1967
75 pages/strips Rick O’Shay 1968


055 pages/strips Rick O’Shay 1969
133 pages/strips Rick O’Shay 1970
054 pages/strips Rick O’Shay 1971
059 pages/strips Rick O’Shay 1972
013 pages/strips Rick O’Shay 1973
019 pages/strips Rick O’Shay 1979
018 pages/strips Rick O’Shay Various



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