Sad Sack is an American fictional comic strip and comic book character created by Sgt. George Baker during World War II. Set in the United States Army, Sad Sack depicted an otherwise unnamed, lowly private experiencing some of the absurdities and humiliations of military life. The title was a euphemistic shortening of the military slang “sad sack of shit”, common during World War II. The phrase has come to mean “an inept person” or “inept soldier”.

After the war ended, The Sad Sack ran in newspaper syndication in the United States until 1957. Baker then sold the rights to Harvey Comics, which produced a large number of commercial spin-offs.

Supporting characters included the Sarge (Sack’s First Sergeant, the potbellied and tough but reasonable Sergeant Circle); Slob Slobinski and Hi-Fi Tweeter (Sack’s bunk buddies); the General (Brigadier General Rockjaw, always drawn with dark glasses, cigarette holder and Ascot tie); Captain Softseat; Muttsy the dog (whose dog tag # was K-9); Sadie Sack (Sad’s redheaded female cousin in the WACs); Ol’ Sod Sack (Sad’s hillbilly uncle); and Little Sad Sack (Sad as a kid, before his army induction). The spin-off Sad Sack Navy, Gobs ‘n’ Gals had the supporting character Gabby Gob.

The army camp where most of the action took place was usually named Camp Calamity, but was sometimes called Camp Browbeat.

10 pages/strips Sad Sack 1949
28 pages/strips Sad Sack 1950
12 pages/strips Sad Sack 1953
25 pages/strips Sad Sack Various



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