Shoe is an American comic strip about a motley crew of newspapermen, all of whom are birds. It was written and drawn by its creator, cartoonist Jeff MacNelly, from September 13, 1977 until his death in 2000. It has since been continued by Chris Cassatt, Gary Brookins and Susie MacNelly.

While not politically oriented in the style of pages/strips such as Doonesbury, Shoe often pokes fun at various social and political issues of the day (especially when Senator Batson D. Belfry makes an appearance). Although not particularly well-known outside of the U.S., Shoe was in fact granted its own monthly comic book in Norway for a brief time in 1987 under the name “Sjur,” which consisted of reprints from newspapers. The magazine reached a total of six publications. Later on, in 1989, Shoe did a brief comeback to Norwegian readers, this time under the name “Krax,” appearing as an extra-feature in the then brand-new Calvin & Hobbes magazine.

The strip won MacNelly the National Cartoonists Society’s Reuben Award for the year 1979.

Shoe deals with the day-to-day foibles of a group of newspaper employees and their families, all of whom are portrayed as anthropomorphized birds, in the fictional locale of Treetops, East Virginia. During hunting season, “hunting dogs” (hounds with rifles, a visual pun on the sharp-sniffing canines that hunters use to track game) are occasionally featured.

87 pages/strips Shoe 1982



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