The Star Wars comic strip was published in newspapers from 1979 to 1984, and was distributed by the Los Angeles Times Syndicate and the Watertown Daily Times.

The strip first featured writing and art by Russ Manning until poor health forced him to retire from the strip. Russ Helm took over writing duties with Princess Leia, Imperial Servant, followed later by Archie Goodwin with an adaptation of the novel Han Solo at Stars’ End. Artist Al Williamson joined Goodwin for the next story, The Bounty Hunter of Ord Mantell, and their partnership continued until the final strip, published in 1984.



Most of these stories were edited, colored and reprinted in the form of comic book series by Dark Horse Comics decades later — Goodwin and Williamson’s pages/strips in Classic Star Wars, Helm and Manning’s in Classic Star Wars: The Early Adventures. These comics did not include Planet of Kadril or the Sunday pages/strips. Later, Han Solo at Stars’ End was reprinted under the Classic Star Wars title, as was the Sunday strip The Constancia Affair. The Star Wars Scrapbook is a department of the comic strip.

In 2005,’s Hyperspace began publishing the newspaper pages/strips alongside all-new stories. All of Manning’s daily pages/strips were included, as were most of Goodwin’s. For those comic pages/strips (re)printed online, see webpages/strips.

18 pages/strips Star Wars – 001 – Constancia Affair
09 pages/strips Star Wars – 002 – The Kashyyyk Depths
51 pages/strips Star Wars – 003 – Gamblers World
25 pages/strips Star Wars – 004 – Tatooine Sojourn
24 pages/strips Star Wars – 005 – Princess Leia – Imperial Servant
25 pages/strips Star Wars – 006 – The Second Kessel Run
25 pages/strips Star Wars – 007 – Bring Me the Children
25 pages/strips Star Wars – 008 – As long as we live


24 pages/strips Star Wars – 009 – The frozen world of Ota
24 pages/strips Star Wars – 010 – Planet of Kadril
53 pages/strips Star Wars – 011 – Han Solo at Stars End
30 pages/strips Star Wars – 012 – Bounty Hunter on Ord Mantel
43 pages/strips Star Wars – 013 – Darth Vader strikes


42 pages/strips Star Wars – 014 – The Serpent Masters
27 pages/strips Star Wars – 015 – Deadly Reunion
30 pages/strips Star Wars – 017 – Night Beast
30 pages/strips Star Wars – 019 – Power Gem
35 pages/strips Star Wars – 022 – Doom Mission



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