The McClure Syndicate’s Sunday funnies section had a real taste for ‘rube’ pages/strips. Here’s one of the longer-running ones, Uncle Pike.

A.D. Reed started the strip on May 25 1902 as Mr. and Mrs. Pike of Pike County, and soon reduced the title to the more manageable Uncle Pike. Reed stopped signing the strip in late 1903, but that doesn’t mean he stopped doing it — Reed seemed to have an aversion to signing his work. Ed Carey did substitute on the strip for at least a few 1903 episodes, and by the time the strip was winding down in 1905 the art was starting to look, to me at least, a lot like the work of J.R. Bray.

Uncle Pike went into retirement after October 29 1905.

46 pages/strips Uncle Pike 1903-1908



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