The Batman comic strip began a few years after the creation of the comic book Batman. At first titled Batman and Robin, a later incarnation was shortened to Batman. The comic strip had three major and two minor runs in American newspapers

The first series was written by Bob Kane and others. It was published as both a daily strip and a Sunday strip. This series has been reprinted by DC Comics and Kitchen Sink Press in one Sunday and three daily volumes. It was distributed by the McClure Syndicate.  batman01

From Joe Desris’s introduction to the first book of daily reprints: ‘…this newspaper strip, Batman and Robin, … has important historical significance: It is the last large body of work that Batman creator Bob Kane penciled completely solo…and it contains stories by all of the significant writers from the first five, formative years of the feature’s history: Don Cameron, Bill Finger, Jack Schiff and Alvin Schwartz.”

The second series was written by Walter B. Gibson and was published on Sunday only. This short-lived attempt to revive the Batman comic strip ran only in Arrow, the Family Comic Weekly, which was edited by Gibson. A few of these very rare strips are reprinted in the book Batman: The Sunday Classics 1943–46.


Although it was credited to “Bob Kane”, this series was actually ghostwritten, as noted below. The strip ran on Sunday from 1966 to 1969 and daily from 1966 to 1974. At first, this series was a camp revival drawing on the popularity of the Batman TV show as exemplified by the guest appearance of celebrities like Jack Benny and public figures like Conrad Hilton. Later, it told more serious Batman stories, and featured guest appearances by Batgirl, Superman and Aquaman. A 1970 sequence featuring Green Arrow and Man-Bat was reprinted in Amazing World of DC Comics #4-5 (1975). It was syndicated by Ledger Syndicate.




UPDATE 26-11-2016

115 pages/strips Batman Dailies 1966 – Aqua-Bat
109 pages/strips Batman Dailies 1966 – The VIP Program
30 pages/strips Batman Strip 1989 01
28 pages/strips Batman Strip 1989 02
28 pages/strips Batman Strip 1989 03
18 pages/strips Batman Strip 1989 04
28 pages/strips Batman Strip 1989 05
36 pages/strips Batman Strip 1989 06
27 pages/strips Batman Strip 1989 07
23 pages/strips Batman Strip 1989 08
6 pages/strips Batman Sundays Chapter 001 – The Penguin’s Crime-Thunderstorms
4 pages/strips Batman Sundays Chapter 002 – The Secret of Cap’n Plankton’s Ghost
5 pages/strips Batman Sundays Chapter 003 – Jesse James Rides Again!
5 pages/strips Batman Sundays Chapter 004 – The Undersea Bank Bandits
6 pages/strips Batman Sundays Chapter 005 – Liquid Gold!
5 pages/strips Batman Sundays Chapter 006 – Cap’n Alfred



Unsorted Dailies 1943-1946


Unsorted Dailies 1966,1967


12 stories 1966

Broken Bat
Identity Theft
Madame Zodiac
Revenge of the Spurned Suitress
Son of the Killer
The Circus Take-Over
The Kidnapping of Dick Grayson
The Lewis Carroll Capers
The Man-Bat
The Missing Super-powers
The Sky-Jacker and The End
Wedding of the Man-Bat


Sunday Classics 1943-1946


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  1. Dubsman says:

    The link to the 1943 dailies is missing…


  2. Some of the strips listed under the heading “12 stories 1966” (including ‘Madame Zodiac’ and ‘The Missing Super-powers’ amongst others) were reprinted in the UK during 1966-68 in a weekly British boys’ comic called “Smash!”, published by Odhams Press Ltd, a subsidiary of the magazine publisher IPC.

    Credited in-page to Bob Kane, they were actually drawn by Al Plastino and ghost-written by Whitney Ellsworth.

    As the ‘Batman’ strip was a front cover feature, many of the strips were published in colour, whereas in the USA they seem to have only appeared in newspapers in black-and-white.



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