“Realizing the lack of a completely authentic comic strip story of a metropolitan began October 1953 police force in action, the producers of the famous Dragnet program including creator Jack Webb, have arranged for the presentation of their stories in picture form.

“The series will go behind the scenes with Detective Sgt. Joe Friday and his partner.”

Running only on weekdays, I found it in one newspaper, The Miami Daily News 1953-1954.

The Miami Daily News at least implied that they published the Dragnet comic exclusively though the ad that followed the radio show didn’t suggest that. The comics would, in return, have ads for the times and local stations where people could see or listen to the show.  dragnet02

The comic-strip is said to have run 1953-1955 and could be found in multiple newspapers.

“The stories in Dragnet are true complete and authentic in every sense. Every incident in the comic strip is carefully checked and receives police approval for authenticity.”

Dragnet complete 1952-1955

Thanks to Lucas Cristovam

Dragnet 1952


Dragnet 1953


Dragnet 1954


Dragnet 1955


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  1. […] if you want to enjoy Dragnet as a newspaper strip and want to own a physical book as opposed to downloading them online then you may enjoy this […]


  2. CCalhoun says:

    Hi, I’d like to reprint one of these comics in a book I’m writing about Dragnet. Whom can I credit for these images?


  3. Lucas Cristovam says:

    boutje777, whole 1952 (beginning of the strip) being uploaded to the following link:


    More to come soon…


  4. Lucas Cristovam says:

    boutje777, I did it! I got every single strip from Dragnet! This is the definitive link for my MEGA folder with them all:


    This time, I organized the strips by years (1952–1955). The strip began in June 23rd, 1952 and lasted until May 21st, 1955. Three different artists worked on it: Joe Sheiber, Bill Ziegler and Mel Keefer. Such a cool strip, what a shame it had a short run (I counted 23 storylines distributed in those 3 years).

    It became one of my favorites of all time, alongside Radio Patrol and Rip Kirby (but never above The Amazing Spider-Man).

    (Strips are still being uploaded to MEGA, because I didn’t resized them this time. Files have approximately 4900 x 1700 pixels each. So they are HUGE, making each folder kinda heavy.)

    Thank you again for having this blog. As I mentioned before, it’s certainly my favorite ever online.


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